Cushion ROHO Low Profile (various sizes)

The Low-Profile Cushions effectively redistribute pressure and conform to the user’s body in order to prevent against ulcers and tissue breakdown. Its soft, air-filled cells permit blood flow while simultaneously providing users with the additional support they require while seated.

The ROHO Low-Profile Cushion maximises stability while reducing the risk of potential tissue breakdown.

Available with either a nylon lycra or incontinent resistant cover. Both are machine washable, and they protect the cushion’s surface from wear and tear as well as provide aid during slide transfers. The bottom of the cover has a non-skid coating to prevent sliding while in use.

The sturdy neoprene rubber cells resist liquid/moisture and clean easily with soap and water.

This product is also available to hire from $55 per week here –Pay for 3 weeks up front and get 1 week free.


Product Specifications

Cell size 10 x 9
Dimensions 47 x 43cm
Profile Low
Height 60mm
Weight Unlimited

CODE SIZE (inches) SIZE (cells)
R-1R 66 LPC SINGLE VALVE 11.5X11.5 LP 6 x 6
R-1R 67 LPC SINGLE VALVE 11.5X13.25 LP 6 x 7
R-1R 77 LPC SINGLE VALVE 13.25X13.25 LP 7 x 7
R-1R 78 LPC SINGLE VALVE 13.25X15 LP 7 x 8
R-1R 79 LPC SINGLE VALVE 13.5X16.75 LP 7 x 9
R-1R 87 LPC SINGLE VALVE 15X13.25 LP 8 x 7
R-1R 88 LPC SINGLE VALVE 15X15 LP 8 x 8
R-1R 89 LPC SINGLE VALVE 15X16.75 LP 8 x 9
R-1R 810 LPC SINGLE VALVE 15X18.5 LP 8 x 10
R-1R 98 LPC SINGLE VALVE 16.75X15 LP 9 x 8
R-1R 99 LPC SINGLE VALVE 16.75X16.75 LP 9 x 9
R-1R 910 LPC SINGLE VALVE 16.75X18.5 LP 9 x 10
R-1R 911 LPC SINGLE VALVE 16.75X20.25 LP 9 x 11
R-1R 108 LPC SINGLE VALVE 18.5X15 LP 10 x 8
R-1R 109 LPC SINGLE VALVE 18.5X16.75 LP 10 x 9
R-1R 1010 LPC SINGLE VALVE 18.5X18.5 LP 10 x 10
R-1R 1011 LPC SINGLE VALVE 18.5X20.25 LP 10 x 11
R-1R 119 LPC SINGLE VALVE 20.25X16.75 LP 11 x 9
R-1R 1110 LPC SINGLE VALVE 20.25X18.5 LP 11 x 10
R-1R 1111 LPC SINGLE VALVE 20.25X20.25 LP 11 x 11
R-1R 1210 LPC SINGLE VALVE 22X18.5 LP 12 x 10
R-1R 1310 LPC SINGLE VALVE 23.75X18.6 LP 13 x 10

Purchase/hire price does not include collection of equipment. If collection is required please advise at your earliest convenience.  Additional charges will be charged upon collection of goods.

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