ProCair ‘TRIO” Mattress Replacement System

Delivering enhanced dynamic therapy and increased stability with the comfort of 1 in 3 alternation.

The ProCair Trio offers superior safety features including a fully sealed base, and is especially suitable for hospital and aged care clients with a high to very high risk of pressure injuries.

During therapy, because the lower air cells remain inflated, it prevents the patient from bottoming out on the mattress, maintaining the support of the patient.

Designed for hospital and high end age care needs. Enhances comfort with a 3 in 1 alternation cycle to provide additional support.
Alternating self setting therapy in real time! Ensuring optimum pressure and shear reduction during bed articulation.
Battery back up that ensures continuous therapy when mains power is not connected.


3 cell Cycle therapy in Real Time
Full Mattress Replacement
3 Hours Battery Backup
Automatic weight sensing
with Automatic Fowler Boost in Real Time!

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