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CLINICAL DIRECT is an exciting new initiative at Max Healthcare Equipment. CLINICAL DIRECT puts you in direct contact with one of our Occupational Therapists. Our Occupational Therapists Jess and Hayley have close to 50 years of combined clinical experience and both have a passion to find a solution that is clinically relevant and meets the daily living needs of clients and their carers (where needed).

Occupational therapy provides support to people whose health or disability makes it hard for them to do the things they would like to do. An occupational therapist can identify your strengths and difficulties, help with solutions, and help you to take part in everyday life.

What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy is used when someone is having difficulty with everyday tasks, that is, the tasks that occupy them. An occupational therapist can identify their strengths and difficulties, such as dressing or getting to the shops, and will help them work out practical solutions. They are often called OTs.

If you see an OT, they can help you maintain, regain or improve your independence by using different techniques, changing your environment and using new equipment.

OTs work with people of any age, including children and older people, to help them do things that ‘occupy’ their time. These can include:

  • looking after yourself
  • work or school
  • social activities
  • being part of your community

OTs must have a degree in occupational therapy and be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency (AHPRA). You can check if an OT is registered on the AHPRA website.

Click on the link below to directly email one of our friendly OT’s…

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