Terms and Conditions


As a customer of Max Healthcare Equipment, by taking or being issued our stock you agree to the below terms & conditions as compliant with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA).


  1.   Hire equipment remains the property of Max Healthcare Equipment.
  2.   Equipment is to be returned to Max Healthcare Equipment cleaned and in good working order. Any damage sustained or cleaning required for hire items will be paid for by the customer. Max Healthcare reserves the right to add this onto the customer’s account if necessary.
  3.   The customer agrees to have hire fees accumulate on their account as specified on our website, their Hospital Referral Form or Hire Contract until effective communication is made to Max Healthcare Equipment. Failure to do this until a later date will not result in a deduction of fees.
  4.   The customer is responsible for communicating with Max Healthcare of when they wish to organize returns of hire items.
  5.   The customer is responsible for communicating with Max Healthcare of any problems, issues or concerns that arise immediately. Failure to do this until a later date will negatively affect the legitimacy of a customer’s claim.
  6.   The customer agrees to pay late fees if their invoice remains unpaid after 30 days of creation.
  7.   Hire equipment that is returned in an unsatisfactory condition may be subject to cleaning fees. Max Healthcare Equipment reserves the right to refuse receipt of unsanitary or unclean hire items.
  8.   Equipment will incur a delivery or collection fee each time Max Healthcare is requested to perform this service by the customer.
  9.   Purchase items cannot be refunded or exchanged after 7 days. Max Healthcare will not engage in buying back stock in any situation.
  10.   Ex Hire equipment that is purchase by a customer will not come with any type of warranty.
  11.   Failure to make contact with Max healthcare Equipment may result in hire items being charged as purchase items.
  12.   Max Healthcare reserves the right to charge an administration fee resulting from any difficulty in contacting the customer. This includes not informing Max Healthcare if contact details change.
  13.   Neither Max nor any of its employees, contractors or agents will be liable in any way for any injury or loss, including death, which may occur to any person including the hirer as a result of the misuse of the hired equipment including where the injury or loss is caused by the negligence of Max or any of its employees, contractors or agents.
  14.   It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that they fully understand the instructions and information provided by Max and the manufacturer regarding the proper use and function of the hire equipment, and to seek clarification where further information or instruction is required.

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