Brix – Can Key Ring Pull Can Opener

Practical kitchen helper – No more broken nails!

Practical and patented opener for all cans with a ring-pull opening device. No more broken nails and sore fingers from opening cans!

  • Leave your kitchen without stains of food.
  • Efficient Kitchen Helper
  • Place the tip of the CanKey under the ring and pull the handle.
  • In that way the lid is removed safely and without trouble.
  • At the same time and due to the controlled pulling you avoid that the content of the can splashes out on clothes etc.


Product Specifications

CanKey is made of high-density ABS
CanKey has no moveable parts and is extremely durable.
Dishwasher proof.
Size: 15 x 9 x 1, 5 cm
Net weight: 32 g
Colours: Transparent blue
Material: ABS

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