Bump On/Location Dots Mixed Sizes, 40 pack

These Tactile Medium Clear Dots make navigating everyday tasks easier than ever!

Tactile dots are a useful way to mark everyday items in a unique and personalised way. Perfect for those with low vision or blindness, these dots act as a visual marker on everyday items to increase their accessibility.

Bump Dots are made of a durable polyurethane polymer designed for high-tactile usage. Suitable as reference points on a range of items, such as remotes and appliances. The clear colour makes them a sleek and subtle addition to your devices and surfaces.

These Medium Clear Dots can stick to almost any dry, flat, and clean surface. They are self adhesive and easy to apply. Simply peel them from their protective backing and place on your desired location. Hold for 10 seconds to ensure that it has stuck correctly.

Examples of Usage for Tactile Locator Dots:

  • Appliances such as microwaves and ovens.
  • Remote control buttons.
  • On/off buttons on personal devices such as televisions, fans, etc.
  • Telephone buttons such as speed dial, voice mail, etc.


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