ROHO Quadtro Select – High Profile

QUADTRO SELECT is the most clinically advanced cushion in the ROHO product family, constantly adapting to your needs or activities. Furthermore, with the exclusive ISOFLO Memory Control and independent four-compartment design, you have the ultimate control over the inflation levels across your cushion, making it easy to ensure you are positioned properly. Additionally, the interconnected air cells envelop your body, delivering maximum immersion and positioning, while protecting you from skin and soft tissue breakdown.

  • The ROHO High-Profile Cushion weighs 1.5kg and assists those who are unable to independently shift their own weight.
  • The ROHO Low-Profile Cushion weighs 1.25kg and maximises stability while reducing the risk of potential tissue breakdown.


  • Positions you left and right and front and back
  • Stabilizes and holds the position of your pelvis and thighs
  • Delivers skin and tissue protection
  • Easy to set up


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Additional Information:

*For Cover Replacements please contact.

*ROHO Cushions require the assistance of a qualified occupational therapist to set up.

*This product is also available to hire from $75 per week here –Pay for 3 weeks up front and get 1 week free.


Product Specifications

Cell size 10 x 9
Dimensions 47 x 43cm
Profile Low
Height 60mm
Weight Unlimited


8×10, 8×9, 9×8, 9×9, 9×10, 9×11, 10×8, 10×9, 10×10, 10×11, 11×11, 11×9, 11×10, 12×10, 13×10

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