Electric Low Height Bed – Sale Packages

The Better Living Community bed offers funcationality and durability for a competitive price.

This nursing and community care bed provides a real solution for independent living. In addition to the low-height, the  bed comes with easy-to-use electric controls.The unique design features also benefit the carer by reducing the amount of physical positional adjustment required for the user. Also features electric backrest, height adjustment and knee-bend.

The Bed Packages we offer are as shown below and include delivery & setup 

(i) Better Living Community Bed & Area Care Triple Layer Foam Mattress – $2990.00

(ii) Better Living Community Bed & ProCair Alternating Air Mattress – $4950.00


Product Specifications

Width: 995mm
Length (Adjustable): 2170mm-2370mm
Safe Working Limit: 180kg
Height Range (Floor to base): 330mm-730mm
Backrest Angle: 0-70 degrees
Knee Brace Angle: 0 to 32 degrees
Trendleberg Tilt Angle: 0 to 10 degrees

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