Etac Hi-Loo Fixed Toilet Seat Raiser

The Etac Hi-Loo Fixed Toilet Seat Raiser is a stable, secure, and discreet toilet seat raiser which is firmly fixed-mounted to the toilet. The Fixed Toilet Seat Raiser is designed to securely fit most toilets to add height to the seat. The handy recesses at the back and front allow easy access for intimate hygiene.

The arm supports are foldable and can be permanently fixed in a folded-down position or removed and used with only one arm support if space is limited.

The Fixed Toilet Seat Raiser is available both with or without arms for those with restricted knee or hip mobility. The Toilet Seat Raiser includes a flip-up toilet seat lid for improved hygiene control.


  • Highly stable whilst still easy to remove
  • Easily detached for cleaning
  • Recesses at the front and back for convenient hygiene
  • Available with or without arms
  • Compatible with all common toilet types



Hi-Loo Fixed – 10cm, Hi-Loo Fixed with arms – 10cm

Product Specifications

Brand: Novis

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