ETAC Relieve angled carving knife

This carving knife facilitates cutting when standing, and is designed for people with reduced mobility!

The Relieve Carving knife is angled to provide the best strength when cutting standing up. Additionally, the handle is ergonomically designed to keep the wrist straight and ensure a stable grip.

The top of the handle is smoothly curved to enable the thumb to achieve a comfortable position and sharp blade to facilitate cutting. The blade is lower than the handle in order to minimize the risk for the hand to come in touch with the food and moreover sufficiently long enough for cutting food and bread


  • Great for carving or cutting
  • Designed for people with poor grip or strength
  • 100 mm high oval handle for a secure grip
  • Curved top design to support the thumb
  • Sharp stainless steel blade and broad plastic handle
  • Dishwasher safe

Etac Cutlery Brochure


Product Specifications

Length: 17CM
Width: 12CM
Height: 3CM
Weight: 0.075KG

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