Forte Homecare Icon Maxx 500kg Bariatric Mattress

Introducing the Icon Maxx 500kg Bariatric Mattress – a premium bariatric mattress that provides exceptional pressure care and support. This high-performance mattress is specifically designed for clients weighing between 120-500kg and with a medium risk of pressure injuries.

Crafted from four layers of static foam, the Icon Maxx 500kg features firm hinged strengthened sides, a segmented base, and an Advantiflex Classic pressure care cover. Additionally, the mattress has a 20cm premium specification and grading of pressure redistributing, comfort, supportive, and foundational foam grades. Its base two foam layers are segmented into three sections, allowing the mattress to contour effectively on a profiling bed.

Furthermore, the premium Advantiflex Classic cover is also a standout feature of the Icon Maxx 500kg. It comes with an extra heavy PVC base, which provides additional durability, ensuring that the mattress remains in good condition even after extended use.

Ideal for bariatric clients who require exceptional comfort, longevity, and effective patient care, the Icon Maxx 500kg is the perfect solution. It has been trusted by healthcare professionals and is a fitting choice for clients looking to improve their quality of life.


  • PREMIUM VISCO-GRADE, UPPER IMMERSION LAYERVisco-elastic cell structure provides low-shear surface, effective immersion and interface pressure relief Provides exceptional comfort  Delivers postural support for patient repositioning and transfer
  • PREMIUM POSTURAL SUPPORT SECONDARY LAYERGraded support and patient comfort in supine, prone, lateral and Fowler positions Excellent core stability to encourage centralized patient positioning to minimize falls risk, entrapment and enhance pressure relief
  • LAYERED FIRM BASEProvides protection against ‘bottoming-out’ during transfer, repositioning and whilst in the inclined/Fowler position Graded for ultimate patient support
  • TRIPLE SECTION, SPLIT BASEEnhances profiling with adjustable bed surface positions minimizing excess strain on bed mechanisms
  • PROFILE STABILIZING SIDESEnables ease of primary patient care Facilitates patient transfers Unique hinge points allow mattress to easily conform to varied bed positions Encourages central patient positioning


Long Single2030mm880mm200mm
King Single1980mm1050mm200mm
Long King Single2030mm1050mm200mm
Long Double2030mm1350mm200mm
Long Queen2030mm1530mm200mm
Split Queen1980mm760mm200mm
Long Split Queen2030mm760mm200mm

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Single, Long Single, King Single, Long King Single, Double, Long Double, Queen, Long Queen, Split Queen, Long Split Queen

Product Specifications

Warranty: 5 Year Foam, 2 Year Cover
Standard Cover: Advantiflex Classic with Extra Heavy Duty Base

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