Homecraft Reflex Kitchen Knife Collection

The Reflex range of kitchen utensils has an easy to grip contoured closed handle with the utensil set at an angle to minimise wrist movement for the user. The handle has been designed to counter balance the weight of the utensil whilst also being aesthetically pleasing.


  • Ideal for those with weakened grip
  • Lightweight
  • Closed contoured handle for easy grip
  • Counterbalances weight of knife
  • Specifically angled blade minimizes wrist movement
  • All the utensils are made from stainless steel and are all dishwasher safe

Knife Collection

    • Carving Knife (203mm long)             CODE:  DLAKA24   
    • Slicing Knife (254mm long)                CODE:  DLAKA26
    • Chef’s Knife (203mm long)                CODE:  DLAKA24
    • Preparation Knife (127mm long)    CODE:  DLAKA01

* Each sold separately. Carving Fork in image is discontinued.



Carving Knife: DLAKA24   
Slicing Knife: DLAKA26
Chef's Knife: DLAKA24
Preparation Knife: DLAKA01

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