Icare Visco Cloud Pillow

Experience the heavenly comfort of the Icare Visco Cloud Pillow. Its high-density ActiveX™ core, paired with a microfibre filled cotton cover, creates a plush and luxurious feel. The unique feature of a removable ActiveX™ core allows you to customize the pillow’s softness to your preference. Indulge in the ultimate relaxation and sink into the softness of the Visco Cloud pillow.

Featuring a Pressure Relieving ActiveX Core!

Why are Icare Pillows Different?

ActiveX™ Material

The main difference with the Icare pillows is the ActiveX™ material we use. ActiveX™ is a high-grade elastic type foam that is responsive to temperature. This material will become softer as it becomes warmer. This allows the pillow to cradle the head and neck to the exact shape of the user.

Pillow Heights

Pillow heights are an extremely important factor when choosing a pillow. This has a lot to do with alignment of neck and spine and an incorrect height can cause pain and sleep stress. The Icare pillows have a range of differing heights and shapes to suit as many users as possible. It is also important to remember that a pillow should to matched to a new mattress as different immersion levels can change the suitable height of the pillow.


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Product Specifications

» Brand: Icare » Pressure reliving ActiveX™ ventilated core » Microfibre Filled cotton cover » Anti allergy cover and fill

Icare Pillow Suspender – Pair

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