Metron Therapeutic Exercise Putty 85g – RED / MEDIUM

  • Metron Therapeutic Putty works to strengthen your hands and can help prevent future hand and wrist problems.
  • It is also perfect for hand grip exercises, stress relief exercises, wrist exercises, and upper arm exercises.
  • It is superior to squeezy balls, hand weights, hand springs, or any other exercise/stress relief product.
  • It’s fun and can be done virtually anywhere.
  • Therapeutic putty comes in a range of colour coded putty offering a complete range of resistance levels required for hand exercise programmes.
Colours and Resistance:
  • There are five different resistances ranging from extra soft to extra firm. You can also mix the different putty together to make a wider variety of resistances.
 Tan X-Soft 
 Yellow Soft
 Red Medium 
 Green Firm 
 Blue X-Firm 



Red/Medium: RETPMDM

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