Procair Plus Mattress Replacement System

The ProCair® Plus Mattress Replacement System is the premium solution for high-risk patients and offers optimal patient therapy and comfort. ProCair® Plus is available in Single and King Single sizes with a sealed base to support your infection control strategy.


  • Comprehensive Alternating Pressure Solutions: Offers a complete range of alternating pressure mattress solutions for high-risk patients, harnessing technical innovation to ensure optimal therapy and comfort.
  • Real-time Pressure Adjustment: Automatically adjusts pressure settings in real-time to accommodate weight changes, ensuring effective therapy.
  • Enlarged CPR Valve: Includes an enlarged CPR valve, ideal for acute care environments.
  • “Bottoming Out” Prevention: Incorporate a lower “safety cell” that remains fully inflated, ensuring greater surface stability and patient safety.
  • Sealed Mattress Base: Features a sealed mattress base to optimise infection control and hygiene.
  • HeelCair Technology: Enhanced protection and therapy for vulnerable heels. Includes an independent heel zone with narrower cells that can be disconnected as needed.
  • AutoCair Technology: Automatically adjusts pressure settings using continuous weight-sensing technology, eliminating concerns about incorrect pressure levels and ensuring fail-safe patient comfort and support.
  • CairAlert Feature: Optional warning alarm signal to indicate when a patient has left the mattress or bed, enhancing patient safety.
  • Detailed Error Messages: Provides specific error messages for servicing, simplifying maintenance.
  • Backup Battery: Providing up to 5 hours of emergency backup power in case of power failure or accidental disconnection.
  • Recommended User Weight Capacity: 40 – 220kg


Safe Working Load

40 – 220kg


Single (Sealed Base)
Length: 2000mm, Width: 880mm } Height: 200mm

King Single (Sealed Base)
Length: 2000mm, Width: 1050mm, Height: 200mm


King Single: PCPPMRSKS

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