Shear Comfort Standard Overlay

The Shear Comfort Standard Overlay is designed to fit comfortably on a chair, sofa, car seat or for targeted protection on the bed. This Standard Overlay is easily transportable with its convenient size, meaning any chair can be made comfortable.

Shear Comfort select specially cross-bred sheep to manufacture a product that can minimise pressure related discomfort. The products in this range also reduce shear and friction as well as successfully wicking moisture from the skin to reduce the incidence of skin damage and ulceration. The 1900gsm thickness also provides the optimum in micro climate control.

For best results when caring for your sheepskin, Shear Comfort recommends washing with Shear Comfort Shampoo and Conditioner

All Shear Comfort products meet the Australian Medical Sheep Skin Standard AS4480.1


  • Machine washable using standard household washing detergent
  • Can be tumble dried following Shear Comfort instructions
  • Warranted to withstand 50 washes at up to 80 degrees Celsius for bacteria eradication
  • Urine resistant

Colours: blue or white


Product Specifications

Width: 65cm Length: 100cm

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