Shear Comfort Wool Pressure Care Assistant

The Shear Comfort Pressure Care Assistant is the perfect addition to your bed for enhanced protection and comfort for sensitive areas of your body. Easily attachable with linen flaps that tuck under the mattress, the Pressure Care Assistant can be positioned to provide extra care to specific parts of the body such as the feet, knees, pelvic area, shoulders, or head.

Crafted with XD1900 wool gsm sheepskin, the Pressure Care Assistant helps to reduce shear and friction while wicking moisture away, minimizing skin damage and ulceration. The unique Airtec process creates a matrix of holes in the sheepskin for improved air circulation, allowing your skin to breathe comfortably.

Our products are designed to last and withstand up to 50 washes at temperatures up to 80°C, making them ideal for infection control. Experience the comfort and protection of the Shear Comfort Pressure Care Assistant today.


  • Targeted pressure care solution
  • Medical grade sheepskin overlay for enhanced density and pressure redistribution
  • Promotes air circulation and reduces perspiration with Airtec holes
  • Reduces friction and shear while dissipating heat and moisture
  • Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water vapor without feeling damp
  • Traps air between wool fibers allows for heat and moisture to dissipate
  • Resistant to urine
  • Easily adjustable
  • Large cotton flaps that securely tuck under the mattress
  • Machine washable and dryer safe (per manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Can withstand up to 50 washes when washed at 80 degrees Celsius for bacteria eradication
  • Ideal for Medical, Surgical, Aged, Rehabilitation and General Ward applications
  • Excellent for use in reducing pressure on feet, knees, pelvic area, shoulders, or head
  • Improves skin protection and reduces the risk of ulcers
  • Complies with rigorous infection control protocols
  • Suitable for use with all bed types and sizes

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Product Specifications

Brand: Novis
Length: 70cm
Width: 30cm
Machine washable and can be placed in a dryer in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions

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