Sovereign Lite Mattress

Sovereign Lite High Care Ventraflow Pressure Care Mattress

The Sovereign Lite mattress provides trusted and proven care for high risk paediatric and lightweight clients requiring a foam surface that balances immersion, postural support, superior comfort, and outstanding performance.

Deep immersion and micro-climate are achieved through the Ventraflow multi-zone Inner core technology designed by Forté Healthcare. High-performances foams used in the construction of the mattress, combined with the Premiflex Ultra Premium Breathe Pressure Care cover ensure ultimate longevity and consistency of care.

The Sovereign Lite is suitable for high risk clients, with a weight range between 12 – 90kg.


  • Airoform Memory Breathe Immersion Interface Layer – Extra-Soft:  Ensures high temperature stability, maximizes patient contact with support surfaces, alleviates localized pressure points, and provides a low-shear surface for enhanced comfort
  • Ventraflow® Multi-Zone Inner Core Technology:  Individual profiled castellations cradle the patient, lateral and longitudinal air channels improve internal micro-climate, and the zoned core provides maximum support and immersion
  • Premium Firm Foundation Layer:  Protects against ‘bottoming-out’ during transfer and repositioning, and provides exceptional support in the inclined/fowler position
  • Sloped Heel Pressure Transfer Zone: Offloads pressure from the heels to the calf area, enhancing protection for the at-risk heel region
  • Hinged Strengthened Sides:  Increase lateral stability, improve patient safety, and make transfers easier, while allowing the mattress to conform to varied bed positions
  • Premiflex Ultra Premium Breathe Pressure Care Cover:  Features a 4-way stretch, vapour permeable, anti-microbial, and fire-retardant material for optimal infection control and comfort
  • Aged Care:  For lighter clients, the Lite can be used in Aged Care settings

For a more detailed description of these features, options and specifications, please refer to brochure ~

Sovereign Lite Brochure

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