Tactee Grip and Utensil System Kit – Small or Medium

About Tactee

Tactee is a new set of assistive devices with magnets that provides new opportunities to create a functional grip. Tactee consists of a Hand Grasping Element with three strong magnets that are placed next to each other with flexible joints between. The linear position of the magnets provides a secure and strong attachment.

Designed to restore autonomy and independence in daily activities of people with mono or bilateral functional grasping deficits that aims to improve their quality of life. Suitable for neurological injuries, stroke, MS, Tetraplegia.

Tactee Kit

The Tactee Kit supports users as an aid for the hand in functional gripping and other activities of daily life. The kits consists of the Grasping Element in size, S, M or L and a range of aids to daily living tools & accessories.

Tactee Kit Contents:

  • Grasping Element – flexible strap made from polyurethane that makes it both hygienic and easy to close the grasping element using the mouth. To secure the grasping element further there is a thumb strap that prevents the adapter from sliding off the hand once loaded. Can be used on the right or left hand. Available in S, M, or L.
  • Fork, Spoon & Knife – Injection molded and made of stainless steel and polycarbonate. The angle of the fork, spoon & knife can be adjusted by using a bending iron.
  • Universal Adapter – can be used with a toothbrush, razor, pen or other items.
  • Bottle Holder – has a velcro strap attached which makes it easy to attach a bottle or cup.
  • Pads – set of dorsal pads that can be applied on the Grasping Element for users who are pressure sensitive.
  • Black Storage Case – allows you to safely store, protect and transport the Tactee Kit contents.

Sizing Guide:

Available in 3 sizes. Measurement to be taken around MCP joints. ADD BROUCHURE AND FAQ



Small, Medium



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