Throne Grab Rail Toilet Spacer – 50mm or 80mm

The Throne Grab Rail Toilet Spacers have been specifically designed to raise toilet seats. The spacer is supplied with longer bolts to secure the seat and spacer to the pan.


  • The Spacers come in two sizes, 5 and 8cms
  • They can be used with or without Throne rails
  • Throne spacers allow use of a normal toilet seat and they eliminate movement, which can lead to slipping off the pan
  • Spacers are easily installed, becoming an extension of the toilet pan
  • Throne Spacers are also used to raise the height of most electronic bidets

Spacers are easily installed, in effect becoming an extension of the toilet pan. In order to stop any lateral movement of the Spacer on the pan, use a small portion of double sided tape.

*Please note that brackets are only required when installing a Throne Rail and a 8cm Spacer

50mm Spacer   CODE:  BTTATGRS50

80mm Spacer   CODE:  BTTATGRS80



50mm: BTTATGRS50
80mm: BTTATGRS80

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