Throne Grab Rails 3 in 1

Designed for safety, comfort and benefits from the average build to the larger build persons. The 3 in 1 Rail is designed for safety and comfort and benefits a range of users from the average build to the larger build person’s. This Rail enables the user to have support close to the body, where it is most needed.


  • The user is able to lower safely onto the toilet and pushing up from the seat is also much easier
  • Grab rail support frame enables secure access toileting and promotes user independence whilst assisting carers
  • The Rail is safer than over frames as it is rigidly fixed to the toilet pan, independent of wall or floor support, and also does not need to be removed for other users
  • The handles can also be folded down in order to facilitate a wheelchair transfer
  • Additionally, either one or both handles can be removed to suit some requirements
  • Adjustable mounting brackets to allow for correct fitting to different size toilets
  • Powder coated
  • Safe Working Load 120kg

Two Optional Settings

  • 510mm or 640mm between the handles, and fold down handles
  • Height of handles above seat: 260mm approx
  • The back plate internal measurements: 370mm




Safe Working Load




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