TurnEasy Swivel Seat Cushion

The TurnEasy is a portable swivel seat cushion which is ideal for easier car access. This rotating cushion helps to alleviate back and hip strain by reducing the need for twisting movements. It smoothly rotates 360° in any direction allowing easier transfer in and out of a car. The TurnEasy can be used as a turning aid in a car as well as on a chair or bed, or as a stand-on turntable for indoor transfer assistance. It has a lightweight plastic base with comfortable foam padding and a machine washable fleece cover for comfort.


  • Reduces the need for carer assisted transfers
  • Cushion is lightweight but extremely robust
  • Can also be used as a stand-on turntable in an indoor carpeted environment
  • Supplied with a safety harness, to attach to a car seat
  • Removable fleece cover is washable and flame retardant the plastic base is suitable for commercial cleaning

Additional Specs

    • Diameter 380mm (15″)
    • Height 50mm (2″)
    • Safe Working Load 190kg



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