Icare Conform Adjustable Pillow

Discover the Icare Conform Adjustable Pillow, offering maximum comfort and versatile positioning. Its unique design features multiple layers for complete customization, catering to all sleepers and sleeping positions. Experience optimal support, alignment, and personalized comfort with this innovative pillow.


  • Hypersoft Stretch Cover
  • Fibre Filled Casing
  • Charcoal Infused ActiveX

Need pillow suspenders to keep them from sliding down when upright? Take a look at the Icare Icare Pillow Suspender – Pair

Product Specifications

Brand: Icare Length: 60cm Width: 42cm Material: Padded Inserts – Charcoal Infused ActiveX Casing – Fibre Filled Cover – HyperSoft Stretch Cover

Icare Pillow Suspender – Pair

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