Where can I drop off my hired equipment?

Equipment can be returned to our office between 9am and 5pm on weekdays:

7 Marlow Road, Keswick SA 5035

Can I hire Max products?

Yes most of the Max equipment range is for hire in South Australia.  Search through our product range and you will find links to hire products on the relevant product pages.

Do you deliver?

We can mail most items around Australia, and we have a delivery and pick up service through out Adelaide.

How can I pay my invoice?

There are a number of ways you can pay for the hire or purchase of your Max Healthcare Equipment.

Click here to see your options

Can I purchase my hired equipment?

Yes.  If you decide you would like to keep your equipment longer term, then it may be beneficial to purchase the item.

Contact us on 1800 684 277 and we will advise you of the change over price to purchase outright.

Can I drop my equipment back to the hospital?

No.  You will need to drop back to one of our drop off locations or arrange for collection (small fee may be involved) by calling us on 1800 684 277.

What are your delivery fees?

  • $18 metro
  • $21 outer metro (25km+ from CBD)
  • Bed packages are charged at a specific rate which includes set up and pick up – $135 metro / $155 outer metro.

Do I have to be home for collection?

No.  If you are not going to be home on the agreed day of collection, you may leave your equipment outside if you have a safe suitable area to do so.  Please advise before hand if you are planning to do this and arrange for payment if required.

Are you a registered NDIS provider?

Yes we are.  We can assist you direct or work with your NDIS Plan Manager to ensure you have the appropriate equipment for your current needs.

My equipment has pre-existing damage

Due to the ongoing use nature of our equipment, some may come to you with superficial damage (ie dents/scratches).  You will not be held accountable for any existing damage to the equipment.  Please let us know if there is damage that you believe is impeding your use of the equipment.

Do your items come with a warranty?

Purchased equipment (new) comes with a manufacturer warranty.  If you have concerns regarding a piece of equipment purchased from Max, contact us immediately.


Can I hire items on a daily basis?

Our  minimum hire period is one week.

What is bariatric equipment?

Bariatric equipment is designed with a greater weight tolerance and wider dimensions.  This equipment suits larger people.

Do you ship interstate?

We can ship items interstate by arrangement.  Please contact us to discuss your needs

Are you open on weekends?

Saturday:  We offer pre-booked equipment delivery and collection and we are available on the phone. Our drop off facilities are available at 7 Marlow Road Keswick on Saturday by pre-arrangement.  This is important so that we can ensure that your hire payment concludes at this time.

Sunday:  Urgent Palliative Bed deliveries only

Do you offer installation of support rails/bars?

We can arrange for support rails to be installed in your home via a business partner.

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